Our Partners

Peru Adventure Tours

Location: Arequipa, Peru

Site: www.peruadventurestours.com

Peru Adventure Tours is a well established quality tour company supported by all accreditation of the Peruvian government entities. It is authorized and specilized tour operator recommended by the most Travel Guide Books—Handbooks to Peru. They feature a variety of private excursions, cycling tours, trekking tours, mountain climbing expeditions, horse tours, jungle tours, off-roading adventure tours, quad biking trips, and much more. In Paititi Research we simply value reliability of service, provided by Peru Adventure Tours—they will not let you down.

Guesthouse Suntur Wasi

Location: Cusco, Peru

Site: https://www.booking.com/hotel/pe/guesthouse-alfons-amp-mery.en-gb.html

Our friends, Alfons and Mery, have a lovely guesthouse called Suntur Wasi, featuring a garden, which is located in Cusco, an 11-minute walk from Central Bus Station and 1.8 km from Coricancha. They assist us in organising accommodation for our expedition, and helping a lot with other everyday tasks.

King of Maps

Location: Cusco, Peru

Site: kingofmaps.com

King of Maps is a team of designers and cartographers in the heart of the old Inca empire. Their work is based around the concept of their admiration of the fine art that used to surround classic maps in the 16th century. Once maps started to become more accurate this fine art work seemed to disappear from maps. King of Maps aim to combine a high level of classic art with modern maps—their maps are all hand-drawn and sold in reproduction of high quality. They design highly original maps combining specialities of cartography, calligraphy, and renaissance style art. People from King of Maps help us with visualisation of spatial data and various graphical design issues.


Location: Moscow, Russia

Site: геопроект.рус

This is a private Russian company engaged in cartographic, photogrammetric and geodetic works. They help us with the acquisition of satellite images with super-high spatial resolution, which we then interpret in order to find Paititi.

Sputnik Lab

Location: Lima, Peru

Site: www.facebook.com/Centro-Sputnik-de-investigación-aeroespacial-de-la-UNI-365414440710991

Sputnik Lab is an aerospace research laboratory of The Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, where they seek nationwide development, innovation and research of space technologies: rockets, probe balloons, CubeSats etc. They work for the development of Peru, trying to impact on their society in the short and long terms. They have adopted the “Paititi Research” project as their own, in the laboratory located in Lima, Peru. We discuss together engineering problems (such as technologies for imaging distant uninhabited territories) with people from Sputnik Lab, and they also help us with allocation while we are in Lima.

Geospatial Team

Location: Moscow, Russia

Site: geospatial.team

Geospatial Team is a small group of freelancers formed by specialists in aerospace imaging and geographic information systems in Moscow, January 2017. The founders are graduates of the faculty of Applied cosmonautics and photogrammetry of The Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography. They help Paititi Research with development of our geoinformation system and analysis of satellite images.